Fog Covered Abu Dhabi by Khalid Al Hammadi

Known as a buzzing Middle Eastern metropolis, the sleek and modern city of Abu Dhabi is shown in a completely new light in this selection of photographs by local photographer, Khalid Al Hammadi.

While Abu Dhabi’s buildings may often be overshadowed by nearby Dubai, Al Hammadi‘s images shows that the UAE’s second most populated city is full of spectacular scenery.

Al Hammadi is continually seeking new viewpoints on his city, challenging himself to grow as a photographer and improve his architectural photography. He is especially mesmerized by the city’s fog, which rolls in throughout the winter season following the scorching hot and cloudless summer. “The fog always appears in a different form and color, from the city lights at nights to the golden clouds during the sunrise,” Al Hammadi shares with My Modern Met. “What motivates me to shoot this kind of photography is the feeling and emotions that those scenes provide, the moment where I can see nature embracing the city is just mesmerizing and inspirational.”

Found in his ever-growing set are photographs of landmarks like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Etihad Towers. To be able to capture these architectural wonders in this manner, Al Hammadi must first obtain permission to scale several of the city’s highest structures – an arduous process that may take many months. Thus far, Al Hammadi estimates that he has perhaps climbed such buildings in excess of a 100 times.

“There are beautiful scenes everywhere in this world, you just need eyes to recognize it. As they say, hard work always pays off. What motivates me to wake up or stay awake and wait several hours for the perfect moment? I believe the answer is passion…so I hope people get this idea from my works. As much as you love what you do, it will give you what you are looking for, sooner or later”, Al Hammadi says.

In Al Hammadi’s images, Abu Dhabi’s most outstanding structures are covered in fog and appear exceptionally futuristic and out of this world. For Al Hammadi, this kind of photography captures the heart and soul of what is a remarkably diverse and ever-evolving city. “I see Abu Dhabi as it is in reality”, he reflects, “a modern city that’s proud of its traditional past. 

If you would like to to see the neighboring city of Dubai covered in clouds, have a look at it right here.

Khalid Al Hammadi: 500px | Instagram

via [mymodernmet]