Undisturbed Norway – a timelapse adventure by Casper Rolsted

In our hectic times, we want to experience as much as possible, as fast as possible – this compressed method is an obvious choice. But maybe it is time to slow down a bit with this  beautiful time-lapse video from photographer Casper Rolsted which highlights the natural beauty of Norway that is relaxing and enjoyable to watch.

“All shot are made in 2017 were I had the pleasure to travel around Norway two times. First two weeks in May where I had the pleasure to experience the spectacular fruit blossom at the Hardangerfjord, the beautiful Sognefjellet and Hardangervidda covered in snow and the lakes Oldevatnet and Lovatnet with amazing still water. My second trip to Norway was in July where I had three interesting weeks visiting the colourful mountains in Rondane, the snowy mountains in Folgefonna and the deep blue fjord at Geiranger.”

“In April 2017 I started the Silence Project. Through a series of films I will present nature at its most natural. To fully capture the authentic atmosphere of the places I will combine the visuals with detailed soundscapes. No music or artificial sound effects will be used in the films only the songs from nature’s own sound library. To make the experience as natural as possible both the audio and video will be recorded in some of nature’s most undisturbed places. Further, I will keep the editing as simple as possible without any fancy transitions or other special effects.”

Rolsted is a visual artist based in Roskilde, Denmark. Over the last few years he has specialized in timelapse and aerial photography. The goal of his work is to inspire people to follow their passion and to help them expand their consciousness to the beauty around them.Twice Casper traveled the beautiful country to spend days looking for a perfect places and then take those breathtaking shots.

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