HYT H0 X Eau Rouge

The HYT H0 x Eau Rouge has a proprietary liquid-filled hours display which uses two liquids, one red and one clear, and is pumped in and out by two bellows, which in turn lines up with the chapter ring to show the hour.

The watch is something out of a sci-fi novel, cutting edge engineering was necessary to create this highly-functional watch. The two bellows pump a microliter of liquid around the dial, giving a physical reference of time. Minutes are displayed on the subdial at 12 o’clock, seconds at 9 o’clock, and the remaining power reserve (up to 65-hours) at 2 o’clock. The most impressive thing is that the entire watch is mechanically powered.

There are two variations of this watch being introduced, they both feature the red motif, but where one is the normal colour of the steel used in the case, the other is a black anthracite DLC treated watch. To incorporate all the intricate technology, the watch has to be big, with 48.8mm in diameter and 18.7mm in thickness. The price for this very unique watch is 39,000 CHF. Look at a similar model so see the cool tech in action.