Apple’s New iPhone Recycling Robot: Daisy

Meet Daisy. Apple’s latest recycling robot was unveiled, not coincidentally, a couple of days ahead of Earth Day, in a press announcement summing up the company’s recent environmental accomplishments.

Daisy is a successor to Liam, a different recycling robot made by Apple that has been revealed in 2016. Actually, Daisy is made with a few of Liam’s old parts, which makes it a recycled robot which helps recycle iPhones.

“Apple’s newest disassembly robot, Daisy, is the most efficient way to reclaim more of the valuable materials stored in iPhone. Created through years of R&D, Daisy incorporates revolutionary technology based on Apple’s learnings from Liam, its first disassembly robot launched in 2016. Daisy is made from some of Liam’s parts and is capable of disassembling nine versions of iPhone and sorting their high-quality components for recycling. Daisy can take apart up to 200 iPhone devices per hour, removing and sorting components, so that Apple can recover materials that traditional recyclers can’t — and at a higher quality. “

Daisy addresses several needs for Apple—from sustainability to secrecy—but its specific function is to separate the smartphone into individual elements, that the company can distribute for processing by its partners. Apple states that this method spares the iPhones from ending up in the industrial shredders that recyclers typically use to free precious materials like metals and rare earth elements.