Striking Underwater Photography by Laurent Farges

When French photographer Laurent Farges resumed his diving hobby a few years ago, he came up with the idea of bringing the underwater world to the surface in a creative way.

Farges at this time leads two major photography projects. His first series entitled ‘The Aquanauts’ immerses us in underwater photographs that show sports routines in a swimming pool from an artistic standpoint. His second major series is ‘Narco’ and it shows a variety of underwater portraits which all evoke the feeling of narcosis; the state of unconsciousness and dizziness provoked by the depths.

Underwater photography is certainly not new, however in the eye of Laurent Farges, it feels fresh. With some remarkable angles, Farges gives us vantage points of subjects underwater that we have never seen before. With a keen eye and an unfamiliar perspective, the man from Lyon invites us to immerse himself in his visual world.

Laurent Farges: Website | Instagram | 500px