Hot Art Exhibition by Alper Dostal

Is it hot in here or what? Vienna-based designer and multi-disciplinary artist Alper Dostal creates a series of digital visualisations that depict a museum curator’s worst nightmare: art masterpieces melting due to the lack of airconditioning.

Dostal’s work ranges from UX/UI Design to Branding and also 3D Visualization. Lately, Alper Dostal developed a series of digital artworks. Named ”Hot Exhibition”, Dostal’s digital art show us the gradual dissolution of the most recognizable masterpieces in the art world, becoming nothing more than colorful paint pools on the museum floors.

”Hot Art Exhibition is a series of visualizations following the question: What would happen if there would be no air conditioning during extremely hot summer?” – Alper Dostal

Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, Salvador Dalí’s Persistence of Memory, as well as Edvard Munch’s The Scream are just a few of the renowned paintings featured in Dostal’s series.

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