Disney Celebrities by Andhika Muksin

When we were kids, all the Disney characters were almost certainly our celebrities of choice. And if we are being honest, as an adult we continue to adore them. Andhika Muksin is a Jakarta-based artist who brings together his two hobbies – illustration and Disney – into one with the help of Photoshop.

Have you ever wondered what kind of things Ariel and Sleeping Beauty would get up to in our world? Or even better, on Instagram? In case you answered yes, Andhika Muksin just made all your Disney dreams come true.

Muksin said: “Like millions of others, [I] grew up watching Disney films and obsessing over the characters. But as I became an adult, my perspective of these childhood icons also shifted. I started to see them from a much more complex point of view […] Then ideas Then ideas started popping in my head — like Aurora is such a graceful and reserved character, but I bet she’d lose it a bit at Coachella.”

Working as a 9 to 5 graphic designer in Jakarta, Muksin used the skills of his trade to create Photoshop magic and harness the Disney effect. Superimposing images from pop culture or classical art has been done for a while now. Have a look at Shusaku Takaoka‘s mash ups of street style and famous classical portraits or Alexey Kondakov‘s ongoing series Art History in Contemporary Life.

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Happy 25th anniversary to one of the most influential movies of my childhood, #aladdin ! I remember i first saw Aladdin when i was 10. I was obssessed by it, to say the least. I was laughing with Genie, terrified by the Cave of Wonders, in awe with Jasmine, and "A Whole New World" was (and still is) my favourite #disney music of all time (still one of my go to songs whenever i have drunken karaoke nights.) So, happy birthday, Aladdin! Thanks for making my childhood soooo awesome, and soooo imaginative. God knows how many rugs i've ruined just to reeneact the #magiccarpet scene. . . Do you have any particular childhood story about Aladdin? . . . #awholenewworld #disneycharacter #disneyfanart #disneyart #disneyarts #disneyartspotlightfeature #disneyartfeed #artcollage #artcollective #princessjasmine #collage #collageart #collageartwork #collageartworks

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