The Next Generation of Boosted Boards

Boosted has unveiled four new electric skateboards, each with its own distinctive features and a common basis: powered mobility. The latest lineup of powered skateboards include a refresh of its popular Dual+ longboard and its first-ever shortboard.

The brand new product lineup is made up of these models: Boosted Mini S, Boosted Mini X, Boosted Plus, and Boosted Stealth.

The Boosted Plus and the Boosted Stealth are the closest thing to a “flagship” skateboard here; they are essentially an updated version of the company’s former Dual+ longboard. The two boards have got a maximum range of 14 miles, making the last generation’s “extended range” battery (previously a $200 upgrade) the standard option. Both of them weigh roughly 17 lbs, and have big 85mm wheels. The Boosted Plus tops out at 22 mph, while Stealth bumps the max speed up to 24 mph with a fifth riding mode built into the remote and the Boosted Stealth is grey/black and missing the signature orange wheels.

Boosted’s new shortboards could be a somewhat more appealing to newbies, however they are not merely compacted versions of the Plus and Stealth. Boosted is intending on shipping two variations of their new shortboard: the Boosted Mini S, and the Mini X. Both boards are at 29.5″ long, with the main differences being max distance and max speed: the Mini S tops out at 18 mph and has a seven mile range, while the slightly heavier Mini X can go a bit faster a great deal farther, with a maximum speed of 20 mph and up to 14 miles of range. The shortboard’s deck is more concave than the company’s previous boards, providing you with a much better sense of where the feet are on the board at any given time.

As outlined by Boosted, the newest generation of electric boards feature critical components which were designed and custom engineered from the ground up; that includes the truck, deck, and wheel design. The new decks on these boards offer better vibration absorption, stability, and responsive turning over previous models.

“With Boosted Plus and Boosted Stealth, we’re further raising the bar for what an electric longboard can be. With Boosted Mini we’re taking a big new step towards our mission to bring fun, fast, simple transportation to everyone. Thank you genuinely for supporting us on this journey.  I hope these new products bring you as much joy as they have to us.”

The prices will be $1,399 for the Boosted Plus and $1,599 for the  Boosted Stealth. The smaller boards come in at $749 for the Boosted Mini S and $999 for the Mini X. Boosted’s new boards, which begin shipping to customers in 6 to 12 weeks, provide a new, portable and relatively affordable solution to travel faster than an ordinary skateboard. The lineup has something for everybody spread across different price points, some boards for those who plan to commute long distances everyday, others for buyers with more modest needs. 

Also check out long time supporter and fan of Boosted Boards Casey Neistat’s video about the new Boosted Mini S.