Sony presents Hidden Senses at Milan Design Week

A sensorial experience visualizing an enriched lifestyle for a new tomorrow; See, hear and feel hidden senses that inform your everyday life. Challenging the constraints and preconceptions between technology and human behaviour, whilst interacting with familiar objects in a contextual space.

The evolution of technology, and the way we interact with it, is opening up new and exciting ways to enhance our daily lives. At Sony, we believe that by aligning our strengths in design and technology, we can deliver entirely new user experiences that move people emotionally.

Design is not only a matter of lines and shapes, but a way to explore new innovative ways to introduce technology into everyday life. As such, Sony’s design team has been exploring new forms of communication that integrate into our lifestyles to develop innovative and enriching experiences transforming functional value and innovation into emotional experiences.

The exhibition is composed of five case study rooms. As you journey through each room, ‘Hidden Senses’ will be gradually revealed; from conceptual interaction into examples of contextual application. Each will showcase different ways in which design is applied to technology, to interact with people, products and spaces and create a perceptual experience; from pure sound experiences to new ways of visualizing information through everyday furniture and lighting. The final area brings all the aspects of the exhibition together, proposing a new and unique life space scenario.

From its earliest days, Sony has placed great importance on the area of design, and established its Design Division (Currently: Creative Center) in 1961. Staying true to Sony’s DNA of “doing what others do not,” the Creative Center has steadily extended its efforts from the realm of electronics into entertainment, financial services, and beyond, engaging in an ongoing quest for innovation and outstanding creativity, to provide enduring value through design.