Invisible Paris by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

Paris is generally recognized by its bright lights, historic monuments and world-class cuisine, but a French photographer has photographed the city from a distinctive all-white perspective. Amateur photographer Pierre-Louis Ferrer wished to catch the dreamier side of Paris with the help of infrared photography.

The spectacular series of infrared photography titled “Invisible Paris” by Pierre-Louis Ferrer who turns the City of Light into a winter wonderland. “My main goal was to make vegetation the main subject of the pictures to create a dreamy effect, but at the same time an effect which looks natural. Paris is not really known for its parks and gardens, so I wanted to show how vegetation is present in this city… What I love about the City of Light Light is the number of different subjects you can shoot, and the important number of impressive monuments. I love walking along the Seine River.”

Pierre-Louis Ferrer has shot world famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame and Sacré Coeur and produced breathtaking shots using a converted full spectrum Canon 6D. His preferred filters are the 720nm and 665nm, it allows him to create dreamy pictures with a subtle effect.

Pierre-Louis said: “I am also a member of a group of photographers, called LUM’IR, who specialise in infrared photography.” He continued: “We are four photographers trying to encourage people to try out this special technique, and we often hold exhibitions in Paris to raise the profile of this type of photography.”

The next step for him will be to keep experimenting filters in infrared and additionally also ultraviolet, and achieve a new series of street photography. Another photographer who shot entirely in infrared is Kate Ballis, but with an entirely different color spectrum.

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