Hong Kong by Zaki Abdelmounim

Over-saturated pictures of Hong Kong by Qatar-based 3D artist and photographer Zaki Abdelmounim that showcase the metropolis’ neon street signs. Influenced by the movie Blade Runner, the photographs will give you a good idea how alive the city becomes during the night.

“Hunting for what’s left of Hong Kong’s iconic neon signs, an essential element of this cityscape’s visual culture, covering HK’s streets for years with glow, i roamed the dazzling roads aimlessly reminiscing about a dystopian past that only existed in neo-noire cult fiction movies like Blade Runner, trying to burn these lively picturesque streets in my memory before they vanish, all while figuring out how to thrive creatively in this organized chaos.”

“The projects came from a fascination with fictional cyberpunk and neon-noir worlds, and a feeling of urgency to live and conjure images of these vibes from our real world,” Abdelmounim tells My Modern Met. “It’s the juxtaposition of a different era and the present we live in, of the real and fiction, what makes it a worthwhile experience.”

A mesmerizing, almost surreal, series of street photography. Shanghai, Seoul, Chicago, and New York are all on the photographer’s wishlist for the ongoing project. Marcus Wendt had a similar approach to photographing Hong Kong and also focused on the night and neon aspect of the sprawling mtropolis.

via [designyoutrust]