Tiny People in Big Places by Daniel Alford

After many years of photographing landscapes, professional photographer Daniel Alford discovered that some of his favorite images were not landscapes at all – they had been portraits, albeit very tiny ones.

Go to any natural wonder — regardless of whether it is only the hiking trail where you live — and you will quickly realize how tiny we humans are in this big world.

Alford is well aware of this. He shot a photo series, “Tiny People in Big Places,” in South Africa, the U.K. and Iceland, while wandering the countryside alone for a week and up at a time. The results are beautiful. And Alford says his journeys persuaded him that a digital detox trip offers the best kind of view.

“Society has a mentality of short-term gains,” he told HuffPost. “Nature doesn’t work like that. Thinking of a scale of geological time gives you a much different perspective on things.”

His series Tiny People in Big Places is a homage to this photographic approach, a visual narrative that illustrates the significance of how humans connect to the natural world.

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