Biomechanical Crustaceans by Steeven Salvat

Steeven Salvat, a Parisian illustrator, typographer and all around remarkable artist who prefers the pen to the computer, recently completed a series of 9 obsessively detailed drawings inspired antique biological studies and the mechanical workings of clocks and machines.

Mechanical / Biological: Crustacean Study is a collection of nine different illustrations that took over thirty hours each to draw on homemade, tea-colored ancient paper with a 0.13mm Rotring pencil. These biomechanical crustaceans have been a personal and interesting project for Salvat. The collection includes a number of crustaceans including crabs, crabs and lobsters.

“For the biological aspect of the crustaceans, I studied a lot of photos,” he says. “The mechanical aspect is completely made up to follow the shape of the subject; it’s the most challenging part of my drawings.” He adds, “I don’t place the gears randomly. Instead, I try to generate a layout that might possibly work as a mechanism.”

The illustrations show a representation of the creatures in two halves. The first shows the creature, as you would normally see it, the hard outside. In addition, the other half of the drawing shows the inside of the creature. The inner part is made of delicate movements – the detail is so tiny, but incredibly beautiful! He even created his own font for the project.

Steeven Salvat: Website | Instagram | Behance