Aqua by Reisha Perlmutter

Reisha Perlmutter presents the exquisite hyperrealistic painting series entitled “Aqua”, a series that revolves around the artist’s childhood.

Over the past several years, she has turned her focus on the connection between the body and water. Perlmutter’s inspiration arises from her childhood memories of light and nature, growing up close to the water. She turns the past into present experience, helping the viewers to connect with their senses that exist out of the comfort zone.

Born in Naples in 1990, she got her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In the course of her studies, she attended a residency in Umbria, Italy, where she said her, “love and fascination with the presence of light was reawakened. I watched as the light’s golden aura would play upon the hillsides and along the façades of the medieval buildings in the small town”.

The impressive hyperrealistic portraits capture every strand of hair, every skin fold of the models, manifested in rich shades of colors. The Florida-born artist presents quiet, solitary moments in the pool, her subjects appearing at peace with their surroundings and themselves.

“Water holds us entirely in peace and allows us to return to an intimacy with our bodies. Moving from the vulnerability of relinquishing control of our image in water, there is a redirection towards of consciousness regarding physicality, biology, and mortality. It is within this universality that the restrictive idealism of “femininity” can disintegrate. In its place is strength in the inclusivity of all aspects of life, unrestricted to conventional gender association.”

Reisha Perlmutter’s dedication to details has opened the doors to her pieces in collections around the world, like at the Wirtz Gallery in Miami, or at the Sullivan Galleries in Chicago. For more hyperrealistic art see check out the works of Yasutomo Oka or Mike Dargas.

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