Nagami Presents Avant-Garde 3D Printed Chairs

New Spanish brand Nagami is going to be making its first appearance this year at Milan Design Week with a set of four 3D printed chairs. The chairs will be part of the project called “Brave new world: redesigned design and large-scale robotic 3D printing”.

The product range consists of two chairs, Bow and Rise, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, a stool by British designer Ross Lovegrove called Robotica TM, and the Peeler chair by London architect and designer Daniel Widrig.

Bow and Rise Chair by Zaha Hadid Architects

Rise and Bow are printed using a robotic arm that is able to extrude naturally degradable plastic pellets. Their individual designs are both optimized to carry out their main purpose – sitting – and recall an organic floral shape while including colors and shapes in an groundbreaking way.

Robotica TM by Ross Lovegrove

Robotica TM by Ross Lovegrove is a extremely versatile stool that features a 360 ° structure, influenced by mathematics. The appearance of this 3D printed stool also takes ideas from nature and blends both robotics and botany in a really stylish way. The chair includes heat resistant silicone inserts which could allow it to be a great piece of furniture for hot dishes!

Peeler by Daniel Wildrig

Peeler is evidently significantly less colorful than the other chairs, but is every bit as remarkable in its own way. Developed by Daniel Wildrig, the chair is manufactured out of a single block, with 7mm thin walls, the chair has been printed in 3D within a few hours.

“We design products that until now were just waiting for the right technology to come to life: not only objects that you can hold, but also that you can feel and experience as part of your environment”, say Nagami’s founders Manuel Jimenez García, Miki Jimenez García and Ignacio Viguera Ochoa.

As 3D printing techniques exert an ever-growing impact on the way style and design is envisioned, the exhibition Brave New World: Re-thinking Design in the New Age of Technology offers a peek at tomorrow’s most promising tech-savvy design opportunities.