Switzerland’s 10 Franc Bill Is Named Best Banknote of the Year
Winner: Switzerland’s 10 Franc note

The International Bank Note Society Banknote of the Year award is an effort of the IBNS to identify an outstanding banknote issued each year. For the second year in a row, the Swiss Franc wins the distinguished award of being “Banknote of the Year 2017”.

For most people, banknotes are just the best way of purchasing the services and goods we require to get through life. For some individuals, however, the design, style and composition of banknotes is really a far more significant matter. On a yearly basis, the IBNS holds an international competition to locate the best banknote introduced within the last calendar year.

The initial notes of the Swiss National Bank’s new series have been issued in 2016 and show motifs from industry and nature as opposed to pictures of renowned individuals. The winning 10 Franc note, showing watch movements along with a railway tunnel, came out last October. Among the selection criteria – design, artistic merits of banknotes and balance of used colors. It also takes into account its security against counterfeits.

The design of the 10 Franc note is by Manuela Pfrunder and it was in fact the Swiss National Bank’s second choice when it ran a nationwide competition in 2005. However the financial institution changed their minds about the first-choice note designs, which highlighted viruses, embryos, and the solar system, after receiving public backlash.

With more than 170 new banknotes launched globally throughout 2017, nearly one third were of sufficiently new design to qualify for nomination. In the closest vote ever the Swiss 10 Franc polymer/hybrid note narrowly edged out  runners-up from the Royal Bank of Scotland, Canada, Fiji, Norway, and Djibouti. This is the fourth consecutive hybrid / polymer note to win the coveted IBNS Banknote of the Year Award.

Scotland’s £10 note, from the Royal Bank of Scotland
Djibouti’s 40 Franc no K
Norway’s 100 Kroner note
Madagascar’s 20,000-b note
The Maldives’ 5 Rufiyaa note
Canada’s 10 Dollar note