Skyglow- This Timelapse Imagines NYC Without Light Pollution

What would New York City look like at night if there were no light pollution to shroud the stars? In honor of the International Dark-Sky Association’s Dark Sky Week 2018, filmmakers Gavin Heffernan of Sun Chaser Pictures and Harun Mehmedinovic of Blood Honey went to the Big Apple to capture the amazing timelapse titled: Skyglow.

Mehmedinovic and Heffernan created the video in honor of the International Dark Sky Association’s Dark Sky Week, which runs from April 15 to 21 and includes a variety of events meant to spread awareness of the implications of light pollution on seeing starry skies.

The imagined time-lapse combines New York City’s sights with the dark night skies of the Grand Canyon and Death Valley national parks, showing the city illuminated solely by a blanket of stars. “We used compositing techniques to replace the blown out skies of NYC with long exposure footage captured at pristine dark sky locations like Death Valley National Park and Grand Canyon National Park,” the duo explains.

According to the World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness, more than 80 percent of the planet’s people, and 99 percent of the populations of the United States and Europe, look up to skies so polluted with light that the Milky Way is virtually invisible. The adverse effects of light pollution are as unknown by large parts of the general population . It’s actually an extremely challenging issue to understand. Light pollution does not have comparable immediate effects over humans and animals as other types of pollution.