Sleep Under the Stars in the Finn Lough Bubble Domes

Attention glamping aficionados; an estate in Northern Ireland offers an outstanding experience to guests with these deluxe see-through Bubble Domes, available for rent tucked away in a forest by a lake. These luxurious Bubble Domes at Finn Lough guarantee a comfy nights below the stars.

Dotted throughout a woodland resort in Northern Ireland, these Bubble Domes offer an memorable outdoors experience. The spherical, transparent structure of the main living area means you get a view of the environment surrounding you, helping you to completely immerse yourself in the peaceful and stress-free atmosphere. You would not even need to set the alarm, just allow the sunrise to gently wake you up.

A night inside a Bubble Dome supplies the adventure of sleeping beneath the stars, but also the luxury and comfort of a five-star hotel. Operated by the siblings Michael and Gillian Beare and located in Enniskillen in County Fermanagh, Finn Lough follows a rapidly increasing trend that has seen wonderful glamping experiences appearing around the globe in recent times. The seven bubbles provide guests the comfort of a hotel suite, with tailor-made bed furniture and delightful furnishings.

Underfloor heating and heated mattresses are standard in both dome room offerings—the standard Forest Bubble Dome and the Premium Bubble Dome. Additional perks include things like Nespresso coffee makers, complimentary breakfast and treats, comfortable robes and slippers. The larger, premium domes even have a nice bathtub.

Intended for digital detox, the Bubble Domes do not have with Wi-Fi or cellular service, but include electricity and power sockets. The Bubble Domes certainly are a popular choice for romantic getaways—book here for a stay at Finn Lough’s Bubble Domes, starting at £245 ($345) a night. If you would enjoy this, then you would also most likely enjoy this small get away in Iceland where you can enjoy the northern lights with an unobstructed view, thanks to a panorama glass cabin.

via [inhabitat]