The Urwerk Atomic Master Clock

Urwerk carries a long history of tinkering with high precision timekeeping. In a innovative move from the independent watch manufacturer comes the revolutionary Urwerk AMC – Atomic Master Clock.

The incredibly exceptional new watch and atomic clock are inspired by the sympathique constructed by Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1793. Motivated by the spirit of Breguet’s creativity of more than 220 years ago Urwerk has is making the very first master-slave clock and wristwatch.

The watch pairs to the atomic tabletop clock by using a “complex mechanical linkage”, duplicating each of the features of Breguet’s most sophisticated sympathique clock in a single device. The atomic master clock aspect of the Urwerk AMC weighs roughly 35 kilos and the case is made out of solid aluminium.

“The clock is a dual oscillator type in collaboration with TIMEstandard, using rubidium and YIG (Yttrium Iron Garnet). This master clock rewinds the Urwerk wristwatch, set it to the correct time and if necessary adjust its rate. This world first brings together in a single mechanism all the functions of the various sympathique clocks produced by Abraham-Louis Breguet with an atomic mother clock.”

Particulars on the Urwerk AMC appear to be somewhat hard to find for the time being, but the most important thing is, it looks incredibly awesome, at the same time nothing like something you would want to take to the airport. You can see how it works in the video below.