The Ethereal Work of Arthur Brouthers

Arthur Brouthers is a mixed media artist located in Charlotte, North Carolina who is widely known as being a pioneer of an abstract fluid painting technique that creates cellular-like break ups, by using acrylic paint along with other chemical substances.

Possibly the most remarkable about his works of art is the fact that they are a direct result of pure chance. “One day I was messing around…and I spilled paint. This is a true story,” said Brouthers, “I had some paint fall over, it got everywhere and I really liked the way that [the colors] blended blended.”

Never has experimentation looked so nice. With his special pouring method, Brouthers has the ability to produce different outcomes each and every time.

The outcomes are usually not fully foreseeable, which parallels the natural world his art emulates. The amorphous colors and shapes can be seen in nature, whether under a microscope, through a telescope, or viewed by our own eyes.

“I work with a lot of acrylic and oil, gel mediums…different things to get that specific effect,” he said. “I use heat and I use fans and water, and I add oil…to kind of change the viscosity of the paint so that it will mix a certain way.”

Within his figurative works of art, these non-traditional techniques are employed as base layers or the “skins” of his subjects. Brouthers uses up to 4 to 15 layers of clear resin between layers of acrylic paint, pigmented inks, and spray paint to show depth.

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