Women of Light by Dani Olivier

Paris-based photographer Dani Olivier has put a special twist on nude model photography. As part of his determination to make a nude picture “that has not been shot before”, he bathes his models – that happen to be primarily dancers – in geometric and abstract light patterns.

“The female body is beautiful, and I am working to produce beautiful images,” Olivier said. “A woman’s body is eternal. For ten thousand years, it has had the same curves, the same shape, the same rhythm and it is something to admire. I developed my technique with models about 8 years ago. I knew there was a lot of potential after I experimented with a few lights and designs.”

Just how the lighting illuminates the contours of the female physique produces an ethereal result, rejoicing it via skillfully controlled light. The visual impact of the lines and colors also generate a sense of motion, rippling and ebbing on the models’ skin, creating energetic photos. These alluring images of dancers certainly are a delicate but beautiful reimagination of both the nude as a creative art form together with the medium of light.

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