The Grand Seiko Watch, Designed Especially for Ninjas

The newest masterpieces from Grand Seiko is a set of timepieces intended for ninja, the secret fighters of feudal Japan renowned for their silent and lethal abilities.

The wait is finally over, fashionable ninjas with an impeccable taste for designer watches now receive their very own Grand Seiko which has a useful built-in shuriken. In the future, no mission with the Grand Seiko Spring Drive Ninja Shuriken Edition or perhaps the completely mechanical Kunoichi model for the ladies will be a failure.

Like traditional Ninja timepieces of yesteryear, Spring Drive works by using the natural energy generated through the motion of the ninja’s wrist to supply dependable energy. Some of this energy is needed to power an exclusive regulator which provides the one-second-a-day accuracy rate that only the most up-to-date hi-tech watchmaking can achieve. Spring Drive is actually a know-how exclusive to Seiko which combines the power produced by a mainspring together with the high precision of a quartz crystal, making it actually possible to give you the precision that no other mechanical timepieces are capable of.

Common mechanical wristwatches, and quartz watches as well, generally produce a ticking sound. Although every quartz watch will tick once every second, mechanical timepieces can certainly make a perceptible amount of ticks based on the movement’s frequency. This could be 5 ticks a second for movements, or event as much as 10 ticks per second for hi-beat movement. For ninjas who would like to maneuver around in complete silence, the Seiko Spring Drive is the ideal option, since this does not have a hearable tick.

The practical shuriken-shaped bezel is made of steel and polished using the Zaratsu way to get razor-sharp edges. As outlined by Seiko, this watch will not unintentionally scrape or injure anybody. For female ninjas, Grand Seiko came up with a lot more extravagant Kunoichi watch in 18k rose gold. Its shuriken bezel has been set with diamonds, and on the inside there ticks an automatic movement.

To commemorate the introduction of the Grand Seiko Ninja watch, Seiko asked art director Yoji Shinkawa to create an illustration that conveys its world-view. He has worked as a character, background and mechanical designer, and art supervisor on the Metal Gear Solid series.

“As a lifelong fan of Grand Seiko, I was extremely pleased to be asked to take part in this project. For the creation of this image, I tried to imagine Grand Seiko’s traditional values combined with Spring Drive’s mechanical components and the spirit of the Ninja” -Yoji Shinkawa