T-Mobile Brings Back the Sidekick

In line with the wild success of previous year’s release of the Nokia 3310 dumb phone, plus the enthusiasm currently generated by the “reloaded” 8110 banana phone, a T-Mobile Sidekick return is not in the realm of the impossible. It’s the perfect time for a comeback!

The Sidekick was easily among the more iconic and well known mobile phones from a long time ago. It appears that T-Mobile wants to bring back some of its appeal by reissuing the phone with a slightly modified design and style.

The T-Mobile Sidekicks are inspired by the legendary T-Mobile Sidekick cell phone. Instead of a smartphone which has a full QWERTY key pad along with a flip-out display, they are magenta Converse Chuck Taylor shoes with smartphone capabilities such as a robust “stepscreen”, a digital camera built in to the toe to enable you to use your leg as a selfie stick, and retractable “lacebuds” to enable you to listen to your favorite songs.

Possibly the coolest selling feature is T-Mobile’s “No BS Assistant”. As opposed to having a robotic voice, T-Mobile CEO John Legere filled in to talk with you. The foul-mouthed executive listens to your voice commands and talks back with all the enthusiasm as you would expect from him. He makes use of an abundance of expletives in good fun to assist you in getting things done hands-free.

T-Mobile Sidekicks come complete with vintage touches:

  • Bonus Slide-Out Screen ­– Built into the sole. Just like the OG Sidekick!
  • Toe Tap Contact Share – Sidekicks are still all about sharing and adding new contacts has never been easier – just toe tap to exchange info
  • Lights Up – when you receive a call, your kicks light up just like the vintage scroll-wheel!

And new features for the next generation:

  • Edge to edge smart design synaptic touchscreen on the sole that can handle the heaviest of footsteps
  • Sole Speakers – Better sound than any phone on the market today thanks to the size of the Smartshoephone. Sync up with other Sidekicks to create your own Lollapa-shoe-za!
  • Retractable Smart Laces – Laces aren’t just laces, they’re retractable hi-fi buds AND double as charging cords that plug into any standard outlet
  • “Hey Sidekicks” –  Revolutionary AI and your very own no-BS personal voice assistant: John Legere! Simply say “Hey Sidekicks” and ask about anything from traffic to the best slow cooker recipes
  • Weather proof – Puddles, snow, mysterious subway liquid – Sidekicks are invincible with patented technology
  • Fitness Tracker – Never miss a step with THE most accurate step counter ever because they are actually on your feet
  • Bluetooth Enabled – Headphones, cars, speakers and more. Sidekicks have you connected 24/7

Though sadly not one of the revolutionary technologies presented by T-Mobile is real, you are able to buy a pair of sneakers referred to as Sidekicks. The Sidekicks can be purchased solely from BeMagenta, T-Mobile’s online shop for magenta-colored products. Sizing ranges from 6 to 9 inches for women and 9 to 12 inches for men. All sizes are in stock, and the price is $65.