Futuristic Madison Square Garden Sphere Venue in London

The Madison Square Garden Company has presented information regarding its upcoming “revolutionary next generation” London venue, MSG’s very first location outside of the US. The location is going to be cutting-edge, vast and host to many of the greatest acts in music and entertainment.

The Madison Square Garden Company is pushing technological boundaries with its ideas for the new futuristic entertainment space, the Sphere. Just about the most fascinating features of the immersive experience will likely be the audio system, which provides the same sound quality no matter what seat location.

“To do this, we use a modular, steerable audio system that delivers the optional audio mix for every seat in the house simultaneously, putting every guest in the sweet spot,” said MSG Ventures Chief Executive Officer David Dibble. “Using state-of-the-art beam-forming technology, audio is directed to specific sections of the venue, at near constant sound pressure levels from point of origin to destination.”

The MSG Sphere will have a exceptional spherical design along with programmable external surfaces that may serve as a digital showcase for companies, artists, events and partners. The interiors are going to have the largest and highest-resolution media display on the planet as well as a spherical camera system. It provides a total capacity of 23,000, with 18,000 seats and a further 5,000 standing spaces.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “From intimate grassroots music venues to spectacular arenas, London’s buzzing live music scene is world-renowned. It’s great to welcome another world-class venue to the capital, to confirm London’s position as a music powerhouse and to boost still further our city’s thriving night-time economy.”

The MSG Sphere is likely to be submitted for planning by the end of 2018. Additionally, another MSG Sphere is being planned to be placed in Las Vegas, with both designed by Kansas City-based firm, Populos.