Crocheted and Embroidered Crochet Mould and Lichen Art by Elin Thomas

Elin Thomas is a fiber artist who creates her science experiments with a felted wool bottom, and then meticulously crafts unique growths by applying crochet and embroidery techniques to resemble incredibly alive petri dishes.

If you have ever forgotten about something in the fridge and only realized that after getting back from your vacation, you are aware of just how untamed the mold problem can get. What starts off as a tiny growth of colorful, fuzzy spores will quickly expand into a carpet covering everything that was once edible.

While most individuals steer clear of mold for totally obvious reasons, Elin Thomas embraces it as her artistic inspiration. Rather than manipulating actual molds and bacteria, the UK-based fiber artist works by using embroidery, needle felting, and crochet to make delightfully delicate specimens of colorful mold, fuzzy spores, and delicate lichen that she displays in 8cm borosilicate glass petri dishes.

Along with her petri dishes, Thomas creates mold-inspired accessories like statement rings, wearable brooches, wallets and purses or even wall art. Perfect as gifts for science lovers, all available in her Etsy shop.