The Panorama Glass Lodge Offers the Ultimate Northern Lights Show

The hassle with watching the Northern Lights is the fact that locations where they are most visible are typically horribly cold. The unfortunate fact is: To have clear view of the Aurora Borealis, the best option is going to be outdoors and look up. Or is it? The Panorama Glass Lodge is entirely open to the night sky and looks right out across the Greenland Sea.

The Panorama Glass Lodge is a luxurious cottage in Hvalfjörðu, Iceland. Merely a 30-minute drive away from Reykjavík, you’ll be able to sleep in complete ease and comfort without anything hindering the view of the night sky. The sleeping quarters are completely encased glass, ceiling included, so that you could lie in bed, all comfortable and warm, and look at the Northern Lights as well as the stunning fjords and mountains. The region is remote so there will not be any light pollution to hinder the spectacle at night and no nosy neighbours.

The compact, fully-equipped kitchen area has two electric stoves, along with a water heater, refrigerator and a toaster. An added bonus is that you get as much coffee and tea as you can drink! There is a dining table to enjoy those romantic meals, and also a deluxe rainfall shower – perfect after having a long day hiking in the nearby area, or maybe doing absolutely nothing apart from observing the ever-changing sky.

The ideal season to view the Northern Lights in Iceland is between late August and mid-April. Depending on the time of year you are going to pay anywhere between $420 and more than $600 a night.