Micro Matter by Rosa de Jong

Micro Matter — that is the name for Amsterdam-based creative Rosa de Jong’s intricate series of enchantingly ingenious vertical biomes. Her tiny realms are hand made from the variety of materials which include paper, cardboard and natural objects like small rocks and tree bark.

With a nod to the impossible bottle, each individual bottle home leaves you amazed, pondering how is it possible these intricate sculptures could possibly be crafted for such a compact space. Working with a range of components including twigs brought in by her pet cat, stones from the Caribbean, and sand from Monument Valley. She uses glass test tubes to house tiny scenes consisting of anything from skyscapers and trees to tents and water towers.

Rosa de Jong’s plays with gravity, so the works seem to to suspended in mid air, growing both upward and downward at the same time. Each individual test tube usually takes under a day to complete. “Nothing is planned. I just look at it while working on it, put it in a tube, see how it looks, maybe change something.” Each piece, she adds, inspires the next. Until she gets bored of this project and must explore in a new direction, de Jong states, “I still feel like there are many worlds to create.”

Just after studying commercial art direction and working for a couple of agencies, she proceeded to go do freelance work. Regarding her work, she said: “Designing can be intense. The more experience I have, the more respect I have for other people’s creativity. It’s so much easier criticising something that somebody else already did than making something from scratch.”

“The most important thing for me is that by the end of a project, everyone is happy. I want to make things people want to look at, not something they’re forced to look at. Since people are naturally drawn to stories and people that are different, the goal is to tell the real story of the brand, and set it apart from the crowd, making every piece of communication authentic and personal.”

The Micro Matter series was created to take you out of this world for just a moment, into another. Empty the mind while looking at them, a small space of peace in your home. Because of the glass, the worlds get to be in a small dome, completely closed off from the outside world. Rosa de Jong’s creations earned ‘Platinum Winner’ for A’Design Award & Competition 2016. You can shop several of her creation on her site.

Rosa de Jong: Website | Micro Matter | Instagram | Behance