Encolhi as Pessoas – I Shrunk People – by Renan Viana

International artists, who express their irrepressible creativity with miniature figurines, should be well known to the attentive reader. Such as Mitchel Wu and hot.kenobi who create funny situations using super hero toy figures or suekichiii who imagines Bruce Lee and Freddie Mercury as best buddies. Renan Viana is a Brazilian artist and photographer who takes his figurines and displays a much broader scene that tell a whole story in a single picture.

By making use of tiny figurines, he creates amusing and offbeat scenes by combining them with everyday objects. The very idea of the project came to him in early 2014, during a visit to an antiquarian: “I found a box with miniatures, I was impressed by the perfection of the details and the ideas of photos began to appear at the same time. I came home and started researching on the subject, and I saw some fantastic work by photographers around the world. I then decided to use the figures to create a project where I “shrink people” and put them in unusual scenes, leading me to imagine what it would be like to be so small in that situation “, says Renan.

With a degree in communication with a special emphasis on multimedia, and a second degree in design, computer and multimedia, he has been working for almost 6 years as an independent photographer. And when he’s not busy shooting for customers like Ray Ban, Motorola, Fiat, Disney for Marvel and Star Wars, he takes the time to work on his personal project: Encolhi as Pessoas, which could be translated as “I shrunk people”.

The outcome is a series of continuously expanding collection of photographs, at the same time amusing, astonishing or poetic, that question us about our relationship to the world around us. For Renan Viana, these miniatures have become real companions that accompany him in all his travels.

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