Limited Casio G-Shock MR-G built by Japanese Master Craftsmen
The Latest Collaboration With Third Generation Master Craftsman Biho Asano, The G-SHOCK Special Edition MRGG2000HA-1A (PRNewsfoto/Casio America, Inc.)

Like preceding special edition MR-G models, the most exclusive limited edition G-Shock wristwatch for Baselworld 2018 brings together the very best of G-Shock’s technological know-how with traditional Japanese roots and master craftsmanship.

The Japanese blade, symbolic of the samurai soul, is highly revered as a work of art. A metal hammering process applied to decorate the sword’s hilt guard, an important part that fulfils equally functional and ornamental purposes, is adopted for the limited edition MR-G

As a symbol of the samurai spirit, the Japanese sword has followed a unique, centuries-long path of development in the hands of unnumbered artisans, telling its owners’ proud stories in addition to fulfilling its role as a weapon. Its value extends not only to the blade itself, but also to the koshirae (“fine craftsmanship”) applied to the sword fittings.

With merely 25 timepieces for sale in the U.S., each and every one handcrafted, unique MR-G watch features a brand-new hammer tone pattern known as “Arashi-Tsuchime” from artisan Bihou Asano. Born in Kyoto in 1943, Bihou Asano engages in the restoration of metalworking works of art, designated National Treasures, as well as going after his professional craftsmanship activities as Heian Bihou III. Even though he is doing work in a passed down tradition, he is convinced that artisans and craftsmen need to continue to accept new challenges and obstacles within their product creation process.

This exclusive edition of men’s MR-G model was inspired by the distinctive surface on the hilt guard of traditional Japanese katanas. To accomplish this one-of-a-kind look, Asano individually hammered every single bezel, producing an artistic, titanium sword guard finish on every last MR-G. On top of that, this textured hammer tone is used for the inner band elements.

The case and band links also get a special coating treatment with Arc Ion Plating (AIP) by Kobe Steel, creating a deep gunmetal-like color in addition to a deep-layer hardening for high abrasion resistance. The colors of the watch derive from the aesthetic quality of “murasaki-gane” (deep violet metal) and “suaka” (copper). The resulting effect is an exceptional regal look that exudes strength and pays respect to Japanese craft traditions.

The MRGG2000HA-1A wristwatch comes with premium functions including three-way time sync, thanks to Bluetooth Connectivity and the G-SHOCK app, along with G-SHOCK’s GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor technology, which accurately measures time and location from anyplace on the planet. The MRG2000HA-1A also comes with a sapphire crystal, titanium case and band with a special deep-layer hardening treatment – rendering it five times harder than regular titanium, and tough solar technology for self-charging capabilities.

The timepiece also features standard G-SHOCK technology of shock resistance and 200M water resistance, and also world time, an LED super illuminator light, daily alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer, day/date display, and a full auto calendar – all in a 49.8mm case.

The MRG-G2000HA-1A has a price of ¥800,000 (approx. €6200) and is limited to 350 units worldwide.