Arena by Páraic Mc Gloughlin

Looked at from above, a great deal of the planet consists of patterns. Humanity has left its mark on the surface of the earth. Artist and photographer Páraic Mc Gloughlin took Google Earth satellite images and pieced them together into this mind melting, fast paced animation called Arena.

At some time, you have almost certainly found yourself mindlessly scrolling around Google Maps’ satellite images while being bored to death at work. But artist Páraic Mc Gloughlin saw Google Maps as more than simply a distraction, and through meticulously capturing very specific street layouts and agricultural features, he was able to make a number of engaging animations.

Páraic Mc Gloughlin imagines swaths of land seen from Google Earth as a hectic flipbook that shows how these shapes and patterns repeat themselves throughout the world. It is as if you are watching the screen of a high-speed action game, feeling immersed, being dragged in. Roads track over the display in perfect alignment and entire suburban housing developments expand and contract.

Páraic Mc Gloughlin is an artist residing in Sligo, Ireland. In 2016, he graduated with a BA in Painting from the University of Fine Art in Poznan Poland. He usually focuses on portraiture, however his interests travel to a variety of mediums photography and film in particular.