This Rugged Makita Coffee Maker Runs Off Power Tool Batteries

Coffee goes with construction sites like nails go with hammers. Now you won’t need to stop on your way to work to get your caffeinated drinks. Makita has launched a brand new coffee machine, ideal for the construction site worker and his or her hot beverage needs.

Makita became aware it could make a coffee machine that is powered by the exact same rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs it uses for its cordless power tools. You already possess the power source, so just add the coffee-making gadget! Makita states the largest 18V BL1860 battery can brew about 640ml, or around 5.3 cups.

The old Makita Coffee Machine

Makita launched its very first cordless coffee machine a couple of years back, and naturally now also offers a variety of flavors of coffee pods for the machines. But you can use them with typical ground coffee, for those who like to brew artisanal blends in the heart of nowhere.

In addition to being perfect for a construction site, Makita’s appliance appears to be robust enough to handle any type of apocalypse thrown at it. If you’re looking for a damn fine cup of joe at the end of the world, the Makita CM501D is your best friend. The Makita CM501D weighs about 1.5kg, and will cost you ¥11,900 (€90).