FILA x Pokémon Sneaker Collection

FILA Korea has just showcased their brand spanking new Pokémon sneaker collaboration, just in time for a fresh new look for Springtime. Containing five different designs the collection is adorned with Pokémon motifs referencing characters such as Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur on the tab of the heel.

The FILA x Pokémon sneaker collaboration in South Korea is loaded with some awesome looking footwear. Making use of the sportswear brand’s classic Court Deluxe low-top, the silhouette flaunts a clean canvas while the focus is directed at the heels with call backs to Pokémon characters.

Each sneaker has a different colorway for every single Pokémon. Charmander comes with an orange and light green pair of colors, referencing the Pokémon’s eyes. Pikachu has white, yellow, and red obviously. Bulbasaur gets light green, Squirtle has light blue, and Jigglypuff gets baby pink. Each of them come in their own individual special Poké Ball shoebox, as well.

Priced at 69,000 won (€45), the trainers are only for sale in South Korea. Sadly, no word yet of an international release.