The Fifth Element by MB&F

The Fifth Element is an intergalactic horological weather station allowing precise weather forecasting even if your power goes out. Four UFO-like elements: clock, barometer, hygrometer, and thermometer merge together in a mother ship with Ross, the alien pilot to make an thing greater than the sum of its parts: The Fifth Element.

Nobody in the realm of horlogerie utilizes the effect of sci-fi with a purpose like MB&F and L’Epée. Having in the past manufactured a number of timepieces, such as the Octopod, the two are driving things further now with The Fifth Element.

MB&F (short for Maximilian Büsser and Friends) founder Maximilian Büsser long appreciated desktop weather stations from the last century, but was disappointed by not discovering the ideal antique model for himself. So he made a decision to make his own. Visually, MB&F has imagined this piece as an intergalactic space station piloted by their signature alien called Ross.As a result of his very own air-regulated movement, Ross can in fact turn around the clock.

For the Fifth Element, L’Epée reengineered and skeletonized their 8-day clock movement to enhance transparency and visual accessibility. When completely assembled, The Fifth Element contains more than 500 components, measures 376mm across by 209mm high, and weighs in at 15 kilograms. The primary framework is manufactured out of solid brass and looks just like a UFO with four pods, each of which features one of the instruments. They may be removed from the base, stood up independently, and then put back together in whatever arrangement you may like. Powering the clock is an in-house L’Epée movement which has an eight-day energy reserve along with a vertical architecture that lets you better see the key components.

The Fifth Element counteracts the rather dry side of weather forecasting with a bit of joyful fantasy. The Fifth Element is a limited edition of just 54 total pieces, with 18 being manufactured in each one of the three colors (black, silver, and blue). It is available right now and retails for CHF 52,000 or approx. €44,300.