Watercolors of Kwan Yeuk Pang’s Travels

As opposed to making use of a smartphone camera like the majority of us, Chinese artist and frequent traveller Kwan Yeuk Pang (关若鹏) has decided to record his vacation memories in gorgeous watercolor paintings.

The urban sketching movement encourages artists to document their course of a day with speedy drawings and paintings in journals or sketchbooks. Although the process is usually quick, gifted urban sketchers like Kwan Yeuk Pang have the ability to capture the moment and enhance its qualities. His usage of desaturated color, restricted palette, and accurately constructed layers of washes come together to develop vibrant, atmospheric scenes.

We are captivated with the vivid colorations of hectic marketplaces to tranquilizing colors of cathedrals. With his views of Shanghai, Paris, Florence, Hong Kong, Venice or Macau, Kwan Yeuk Pang reveals an amazing work on the lights of these big cities, leading us into a soft and peaceful atmosphere.

When he is not urban sketching, Kwan Yeuk Pang shares his skills teaching regular classes of up to 60 watercolor enthusiasts. You can see more of his impressive paintings on Instagram.