Cyberpunk Masks by Hiroto Ikeuchi

Hiroto Ikeuchi (池内啓人) creates absolutely unique masks, helmets and full-body outfits from actual devices which include VR glasses, photo cameras and smartphones. He has got apparently boundless creative imagination, but also the technical expertise necessary to build these kinds of works.

A graduate of Tama Art University, Hiroto Ikeuchi took his passion for building models and transformed that into a little something pretty distinct and special. Like video gaming, model kit building demands tactile skill and just as with other kinds of media in Japan, there is a lot of pop-cultural crossover. So modelers and gamers totally have a considerable degree of overlap.

“I build moveable figures and computer accessories primarily using professional model parts. Using the integrative theme of ‘A Vision Incarnated in a Plastic Model,’ I make a choice and use plastic models to make my wild ideas reality.”

Constructing these elaborate face masks and painting them is something that really needs skill, with many of the very best modelers in Japan showcasing nothing short of superhuman abilities it seems.

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