Augmented Reality Displays to Lure in Millennials at Zara

Clothing store Zara intends to introduce augmented reality (AR) displays into 120 shops starting in April. This is the newest attempt for a conventional retailer to implement new technologies to attract millennial customers and compete with online retail behemoths like Amazon.

Apparel retailers are having to get unforgettable product or service demonstrations and shop specific content to appeal to shoppers in their twenties and early thirties. The growing influence of online retailers such as Amazon has ravaged bricks-and-mortar retail chains in recent times.

Zara’s AR displays enables people to hold a smartphone up to a sensor inside the shop or shop windows, to discover selected garments from its clothing lines shown on a model. Then, the shopper can simply click through to buy the clothes. Customers are likewise able to use their smartphones to see models pop up on the packages of their online purchases as soon as they are delivered, featuring additional clothes they could buy.

Zara’s parent company Inditex is known for delivering the most up-to-date fashion trends to retailers in just days, instead of the months it’s going to take various other companies. It has been able to compete with internet retailers reasonably well, as outlined by analysts.

It is the starting point towards the Zara of the future, an establishment in which exposed garments could only be admired, the dressing rooms will be replaced by smart mirrors and interactive screens that, as a result of RFID technology, will show shoppers product details, price, size and recommended pairings determined by inventory availability, exactly like an online store.

Rival H&M is likewise investing in technology for enhanced customer engagement, it said at an investors’ day in February. Zara’s augmented reality displays will be introduced in 120 stores worldwide from April 18th.