Brand Design by Kati Forner for Muse + Metta

Kati Forner is a Los Angeles based designer, with more than 10 years of expertise in print, digital, and production. She loves pastel shades along with a simple visual language. Forner designed the minimal branding and labels for Muse+ Metta Kombucha which just look stunning.

This branding project was for the Kombucha brand Muse + Metta established by Trent Brokie. Muse+Metta was made to reflect a healthy lifestyle, art, and possibility. The coloring of the labels for every single flavor compliments the flavor’s ingredient profile.

“Muse + Metta is more than a beverage, it’s culture of health, art, and possibility. Muse + Metta believes food can feed us both physically and creatively. Brewed with fruits, flowers and herbs from around the world coupled with a passion for modern design and wellness to create a truly sensory experience.”

After studying classical design and form at Arizona State University, Kati Forner started her professional career in Chicago working together with various design agencies. Several years ago, Kati Forner brought her studio to L . A . where she is currently accepting new design opportunities. 

Kati Forner: Website | Behance | Instagram