Madness Inducing Pure Hell Puzzle

Developed by the truly sadistic brains at Beverly Japan, Pure Hell puzzles are available in 1,000 and 2,000 piece versions and are guaranteed to make you miserable while you attempt to determine what piece goes where!

From puzzle maker Beverly Japan, this jigsaw puzzle is accurately filed under a category called “Hell Puzzle.” Why? Because, with minuscule puzzle pieces and just in a single solid color, it is really going to make assembling it together a living hell. Great news if you have the exceptional ability of spotting minor variations in shapes; not so great news if you are accomplished at discerning tiny image variations simply because, there’s not any to work with.

Studying the picture of the finished puzzle on the package, you could be inclined to believe that each of the puzzle pieces are similar and could be inserted anyplace to swiftly complete it. Sorry to say, that is merely a cruel illusion. The puzzle pieces are in fact based on seven different shapes.

The black and white Pure Hell puzzles have already been available on Amazon for a little bit, with prices ranging between $20 and $34, and the ones insane enough to purchase them have written some rather fascinating reviews:

“Seventeen months so far, one wife, two jobs and two almost girlfriends (sort of). Seven thousand dollars worth of delivery food, twelve boxes of fingertip bandages and all the hope and prayers I could muster. Still, after all that, I have a side and a half complete. Kill me, someone, please…What fun!…really…” Todd L. complained.

“I bought this puzzle because my team at work was going through one 1000 piece puzzle a week. This puzzle stopped them dead in their tracks. They managed about 10 connections over the course of a month, after they separated the pieces into quarter puzzles based on the pattern on the back. They eventually gave up and got back to work,” user That Fancy Fish posted.

So if you want a good reason to cry yourself to sleep every single night, or if you wish to teach a cocky so-called puzzle solving master a lesson, try Pure Hell.