At Librairie Mollat Book Covers are Matched with Customer’s Faces

Independent French book shop Librairie Mollat is certainly going viral, although not due to anything especially literary. No, this publicity boost is mainly because they have gotten seriously imaginative with their Instagram account.

Ah, France. Everything is just much cooler there. French girl fashion is a bonafide thing. Baguettes are French. So are buttery croissants. And idle time? Suppose in France they have mastered that, as well. Just have a look at the Instagram account of Librairie Mollat, a Bordeaux bookstore in which the cheeky staff snap themselves — and shoppers — in a most delightful way.

Being an independent bookshop, Mollat was the very first of its kind to enter the French market. They have an enormous selection (they offer over 300,000 titles), this store also possesses a witty humor as proven by their Instagram account.