Stunning Hyperrealistic Portraits by Yasutomo Oka

These beautiful portraits may perhaps appear to be high-definition artistic photos, or perhaps the product of CGI, however they are in fact oil paintings made by Japanese artist Yasutomo Oka. The manifestation of the soft hair, the texture of the skin, the expression of the crease in the kimono are depicted very naturally.

Oka enjoys to use his painting abilities to make minor alterations to accomplish the result he desires. The gifted artist claims he is most tense when working on the eyes, since they are the most crucial element. Just about every photorealistic piece of art is amazingly lifelike, catching every possible fine detail of the artist’s female subjects.

Some women are portrayed dressed in traditional kimonos and floral hair accessories, in juxtaposition to a lavish background. Others wear casual outfits, and are generally presented inside a home environment, looking out of a window. In other works, young ladies can be observed standing inside an enchanting forest or garden. In one portrait, a lady poses within an misty forest, while a white colored owl perches on a tree behind her.

Needlessly to say, making this sort of sophisticated artwork is usually a major time investment. A  portrait can take up 20 days to complete.

Oka was born in the Aichi prefecture, Japan in 1983. He graduated from Tama Art University in 2006. Although different in style, Yasutomo Oka’s portraits have a similar fidelity as the paintings by Mike Dargas.

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