Fighting Censorship of Social Networks With Suggestive Collages

Hitting the same tones as Archisexture, the very suggestive collages of Scientwehst, now discover the work of the French artist and designer Émir Shiro. He bypasses the censorship of social networks with incredibly evocative collages.

Artist and graphic designer Émir Shiro has made a few very suggestive collages which make their point about social media’s double standards in an entertaining and eye-catching way. “This technique of hiding and unveiling” is ideal to talk about nudity and sexuality with poetry by ignoring the censorship imposed on social networks. Today, when I build an image, it’s like having a challenge! “This is the artist himself.”, stated Shiro.

Shiro’s favorite tool to use is Photoshop. He says it’s one of the most powerful tools of his generation and artists should not be ashamed to acknowledge that. But the also works by hand, finding the right balance is the key to a great result. As you can see with his most recent work on Instagram, his main inspiration is censorship. He enjoys using his collage technique to really push the limits.

Originally from the southeast of France, Émir Shiro lives between Grenoble (his hometown) and Paris. He studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Grenoble and currently works as a freelance graphic designer. Among the list of objectives of his work is to stress, just as Pop Art does, the banal or kitschy aspects of any culture, while employing irony and parody.