This 1923 Leica Is the Most Expensive Camera Ever Sold

The 32nd WestLicht Camera Auction concluded with a record winning outcome. With the new world record price of €2.4 million, the Leica -series no. 122 is definitely the world’s most valuable camera to date.

Germany’s Leica is well known for making high-end optics and cameras since its inception in 1914, sufficient reason for its first batch of prototype models to be regarded as a collector’s item. There are just 12 acknowledged surviving Leica -Series prototype cameras in the present day of the original 25 that have been manufactured by Ernst Leitz. And just three of the remaining cameras continue to be in pristine condition.

“The remarkable price certainly … reflects the camera’s fantastic original condition,” the auction house said in a message posted over the weekend. “In 1923, two years before the first Leica was introduced to the market, Ernst Leitz produced 25 of this test camera, only three of which are known to still be in the original condition.”

These Leica -Series cameras are seeing a reliable price increase in recent times. Copies were sold for $435,000 in 2007, $1.89 million in 2011, $2.79 million in 2012, and now $2.96 million in 2018. The 0-Series was thought to be acquired by a private enthusiast located in Asia, with the record price being related to the condition that the camera has been kept in.

Auction notes for the camera explain the device as “one of the major rarities in camera history.” The initial Leica to to enter the market was the Leica I in 1925, which proclaimed the beginning of the company’s impressive journey that developed into essentially the most prestigious camera manufacturers in the world. The Leica was among the first truly portable cameras, along with its solid build and reliability made it the model of choice for legendary photojournalists.

Still, the price for the world’s most expensive camera seems like pocket change when one regards the price for the world’s most expensive painting. In related news,  Leica has recently unveiled its $15,000 USD “Stealth Edition” camera.