Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo Concept

Drawing inspiration from the existing lineup although with an eye on the near future, the Mission E Cross Turismo is Porsche’s idea of an all-electric “Cross-Utility Vehicle”.

Not too long ago, Porsche presented the production version of the Mission E — an all-electric four-door that appeared to be a suitable competitor to Tesla’s Model S. A combination between the Mission E Concept and Panamera Gran Turismo, the roomy Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo is really a impressive all-electric four-seater that could deal with any terrain.

If it actually gets made, the Cross Turismo ought to handle just like a Porsche too. It’s built on the same basic frame as the Mission E. The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo is powered by a pair of synchronous electric motors producing over 600 hp, which enable the Mission E Cross Turismo to accelerate to 100 km/h in under 3.5 seconds and to reach a speed of 200 km/h in under 12 seconds.

The 800-volt architecture inside the automobile makes certain that the lithium-ion battery is charged for a range of approximately 400 kilometers in around 15 minutes. The 4.95-m-long concept vehicle is ready for charging on the fast-charge network, and may also be charged via induction, via a charging dock or via a Porsche home energy management system.

The crossover model is focused at individuals with a dynamic lifestyle who enjoy spending their spare time doing sport or other outdoor activities. Passengers take advantage of the versatility of the 1.42-m-high four-seater: A hatch is built-into the backrests of the two individual seats in the rear, useful for loading items like skis. The backrests themselves can be folded down. Inside the luggage compartment, you will find a rail system with adjustable and removable belts, making it possible for items to be stowed quickly and securely.

The interior is appropriately forward-thinking,, with an eye-tracking system in the dash that gives priority to the gauge that you are looking at, an enormous screen extending across the entire width of the passenger side, and abundant touchscreens for other controls.