The Sensual Paintings by Ivana Besevic

One foot in Belgrade, the other in Paris, Ivana Besevic is a multi-faceted artist. Besevic has been practising art in a variety of media during the last 10+ years, from traditional wall painting and illustration to conceptual video art and digital photography. Her most expressive work is in portraiture and illustration in both traditional and digital media.

Embracing the complexness of being human, Ivana Besevic produces digital portraits that do not glamorize or glorify. She does not shy away from sadness or pain, and she does not clean up the red splotches and tear streaks on her subjects’ faces. They are genuine individuals with real emotions — many of them instantly engaging the viewer through an open, vulnerable gaze.

Besevic experiments a great deal, she says, and that brings about continuous adjustments to her style. “Sometimes I paint more expressive work, and sometimes more illustrative and neat work. What I care about most is the face and the expression. That’s what I’d like the viewer to focus on most of all, so these areas are often painted with the most detail and attention, while the rest disappears in wider and more expressive brush strokes. I think these contrasts give dynamic and life to the piece.”

Her education and learning includes School of Design in Belgrade, Master degree in Applied Painting in Belgrade, and Certificate studies of Studio Arts in Paris. She is self-taught in Digital Painting utilizing a drawing tablet & pen and a variety of software applications.

She is inspired by cinema, documentaries, video games, everyday stories and ordinary people. “I want people to look at my work and just feel things, simple as that,” she explains. “I’m inspired by people, everyday stories, the raw and real side of us that we try to often hide.”

Besevic is very active in the causes which are crucial to her, including human rights, prevention of violence against women, children, and animals. Frequently these emotions are going to be apparent in her work.

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