Adorable Modular Cardboard Furniture For Cats

Everybody knows that cats love cardboard boxes. This Taiwanese brand called A Cat Thing took them one step further by developing a collection that has a contemporary style, in which a modular docking system allows to create an incredible playground to be set up for felines.

Pets have become a much more permanent part of the average consumer home, which has increased the interest in products like this cardboard furniture. When one of the founders’ two beautiful cats, Chacha and Lilly had a little bit of trouble adapting to her new home in Taipei, Taiwan, designer Szuti Tsai and her partner tried to discover an easy method to help make the cat comfy in a way that worked with their own personal aesthetic.

On their website they say:

“A couple of architects once met two cats who were brother and sister,

We love to design things and we love our cats as well,

we also like to create things in both a practical and minimalist way,

Therefore, we decided to completely rethink cat products, but how to do so?

By enriching the living space of our beloved friends,

And creating a brand specifically dedicated to them,

To make homes suitable for cats and their humans,

And to provide both with a sense of simple and comfortable beauty.”

After attempting a variety of cardboard boxes, the happy couple threw in the towel and instead utilized their respective architectural qualifications to develop A Cat Thing, a collection of splendidly interchangeable and connectable cardboard cat dwellings that stimulate a cat’s curiosity with a sleek modular design.

A Cat Thing calls their first eco-friendly series Room Collection, and it features four different-shaped boxes. Influenced by prefabricated buildings and LEGOs, the sections are a cube, rectangle, triangle, and another angular seven-sided shape. They can be stacked on top of one another, set side-by-side in a long row, and constructed into remarkable structures.

A Cat Thing produce sophisticated cat furniture that can easily please any modern home decor. The material is entirely recyclable and made with non-toxic materials to cats. And there is no need to use any tool to build your cat’s home – A Cat Thing  is sold with fittings.