Yuichi Yokota Captures Tokyo Covered By Heavy Snow

Yuichi Yokota is an award-winning Japanese photographer who has recently captured a beautiful series of Tokyo turned into a winter wonderland.

Tokyo saw its heaviest snow in 4 years on Jan 22, 2018, with authorities urging evening commuters to hurry home and prompting those behind the wheel to brace for traffic disruptions. In spring, summer and fall, Tokyo is normally a bustling city filled with neon lights, but when heavy snow starts falling, it transforms into a real-life anime film.

From temples to busy city scenes, the artist visited some of Tokyo’s most famous spots to take his images, from the bustling area of Shibuya and Shinjuku over to Asakusa (Senso-Ji Temple), and Tokyo Station. Between rushing commuters and peaceful temple go-ers, Yokota manages to portray a snowy Tokyo in a most beautiful light.

Take a scroll through some of Yokota’s shots below. Truly, it’s like walking through a dreamy movie set.

Yuichi Yokota: Website | Instagram | Facebook

via [BoredPanda]