The Vestaboard Split-Flap Display

For anyone who mourns the loss of analog departure boards, good news: A startup is working on bringing delightful split-flap displays right into your home. And with a modern twist!

In 2018 split-flap displays are getting a second life with the Vestaboard, an internet-connected mechanical display that merges the classic clattering flaps of a retro train board with modern internet technology.

By working with a mobile app, you can use Vestaboard to deliver messages and updates from Twitter, Slack, and your calendar. You can even sign up for Vestaboard content and receive a quote of the day, a Beatles lyric every day, and more. The display can show up to 161 characters at a time in a 23 x 7 grid, with each character offering 70 different options to display (the 26 letters of the alphabet, the 10 roman numerals, 8 solid colors, and a variety of punctuation marks).

The company says that the Vestaboard is roughly the size of a 42-inch TV, and can be run off a standard wall outlet. The clever display board even works with your Alexa device or Google Home so you can ask your smart hub to display specific info.

Vestaboard is available for preorder with an estimated December 2018 delivery date for $1,850, which is actually a massive 45% discount off the final $3,495 price tag.