Hasselblad Introduces the H6D-400C MS, a 400 Megapixel Multi-Shot Camera

There are cameras, and then there are Hasselblads. The nearly 200-year old Swedish image making company produces machines that capture such an astonishing amount of detail that they truly deserve to be in a category of their own. Hasselblad just announced the new H6D-400C MS, it is a “Multi Shot” camera that can capture 100MP photos with single exposures or gigantic 400MP ultra-resolution photos using its Multi-Shot capture feature.

Multi-Shot capture has become an industry standard in the field of art reproduction and cultural heritage for the documentation of paintings, sculptures, and artwork. As the only professional medium format system to feature multi-shot technology, Hasselblad continues to be the leading choice for institutions, organizations, and museums worldwide to record historic treasures in the highest image quality possible.

Of course, the multi-shot technology requires studio conditions and can really only be used for completely still subjects. But for genres such as product photography, the 400c MS should produce files incomparable with anything else currently on the market.

In creating 400MP photos, the first 4 exposures are shifted by 1 pixel to capture GRGB color data. 2 additional exposures are captured with ½-pixel shifts to increase the equivalent resolution from 100MP to 400MP. The resulting file is a 2.4GB 16-bit TIFF image with dimensions of 23200×17400 pixels.

At the core of the H6D-400C MS is a 100MP CMOS sensor that measures 53.4×40.0mm. It has a 15-stop dynamic range and an ISO range of 64-12800. Other specs and features of the Hasselblad H6D-400C MS include a USB 3.0 Type C connection, high-speed data transfers, 30FPS live view, dual memory card slots (CFast 2.0 and SD), a 3-inch display with 920K dots, a “smartphone style” user interface, HD and UHD video recording, a modular design, Wi-Fi, HDMI and audio I/O, and True Focus II.

The H6D-400C MS is scheduled to start shipping in March for US$47,995. Just yesterday Hasselblad has announced their winners of the Hasselblad Masters competition.