Peach Coca-Cola Coming to Japan

In the past, cola has been a pretty big benefactor of Japan’s love of seasonal and limited edition goods. Fans in Japan will soon be able to sample the first ever peach-flavored Coca Cola.

Customers in Japan are always spoilt for choice when it comes to exclusive limited-edition releases from big international companies. In the past there have been amazing products like Japan-only Frappuccino drinks from Starbucks or a christmas themed cake flavored Pepsi.

Celebrating Japan’s long standing love of peaches, the flavored soda will serve as the soft drink giant’s latest limited release and expansion of its beverage offerings. In Japanese mythology, the fruit has the power to dispel evil, and is closely associated with the Hinamatsuri, or Girls’ Day in Japan. The event is also called the Peach Festival (Momo no Sekku). Along with displaying ornate dolls, houses and shops decorate themselves in pink, and celebrate peach flowers which are said to officially usher in the Spring.

The Coke will hit stores and vending machines across Japan starting January 22nd 2018 in 16.9-ounce and 9.5-ounce bottles, which will sell for a limited time at JP¥140 (US$1.25) and JP¥115 (US$1.03) respectively. If you’re not in Japan, don’t worry as Diet Coke is set to drop four new fruity flavors this year.