Sennheiser HD 820

The HD 820 headphones from Sennheiser aim to provide the best, individual listening experience available. At CES 2018, Sennheiser once again redefines the limits of audiophile sound with the introduction of their newest flagship.

Sennheiser, known for its quality products have introduced the HD 820 headphones whose sound quality and performance are unparalleled. The Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones offer a groundbreaking performance which has to be heard to be believed and with these closed dynamic headphones, those who are passionate about their music will be able to enjoy their music at an audiophile level wherever they please.

The new HD 820 feature a closed-back design for a realistic, natural sound field. Closing off the acoustic chamber around your ear complicates a headphone’s design and threatens the purity of its sound by creating undesirable resonances and reverberations. That’s why there are usually open-back headphones competing for the title of having the best and most pristine sound. That is where the Gorilla Glass covers come into play. The company says its curved “glass transducer cover” minimizes resonance and “ensures an incredibly realistic and natural sound field.”

The Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones have been developed and crafted in Germany and they deliver an exceptionally realistic, natural sound field but are also set apart by the breathtaking attention to detail which is evident throughout the whole design. Technological innovation is something Sennheiser are famed for and its abundantly evident with their HD 820 Headphones which have the legendary Sennheiser Ring Radiator transducer, now neatly visible thanks to the innovative glass covers. To round things out each pair has microfiber ear pads, OFC cables with gold-plated plugs, and a metal headband with an inner damping element.

Sennheiser is also adopting the 4.4mm Pentaconn balanced connector, which has been promoted by Sony as the next audio jack for enthusiast headphone makers to rally round. It is a little larger than the traditional 3.5mm audio plug, but provides balanced audio for minimal distortion.

All of this technical innovation doesn’t come cheap, these exquisite looking headphones will cost $2400/€2400.